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What Athletes Do Off the Court

Cindy Christensen

Imagine you are watching your favorite team playing on a Friday night. In the final few minutes, the star player takes over and wins the game! The game is over and you turn off the TV but your favorite athlete’s night is still far from over.

We watch athletes excel on the court, on the field, or the ice but what they do after the game is as important. To thrive during their games athletes need to do a lot of work in their “down time” which usually includes recovering from their game, eating well, relaxing, and preparing for the next game.

For many high-performance athletes, after their workouts, some will turn to cryotherapy ice baths to reduce soreness and relax their muscles. By chilling out while submerged in a cold tank can also give athletes some time to mentally unwind and go over what they want to work on and improve for their next game.

At the end of their day, as they head home many athletes focus on active recovery, nutrition, and sleep. Being a top athlete requires not only physical strength but also mental strength as well. So, many athletes often use social media to reach out to their fans and to talk about what happened during certain games. This is a great way for athletes to stay connected with their fans and show them some of the behind the scene actions that take place off the court.

As a sport-focused application, Podium Team would be a great venue for athletes and fans to stay connected on and off the court. The app lets users interact with each other in many familiar ways such as sharing posts and commenting or liking updates. Additionally, athletes on the Podium Team app can track their earnings in real-time which allows them to earn by sharing their passion and thoughts with their fans. By creating engaging content, athletes can increase their number of subscribers and receive money through Stripe. Knowing how much revenue is generated and being able to track it over time will give athletes more financial freedom and allow them to be more focused on their training and performances instead of worrying about finances.

Athletes can interact with fans and get their feedback as well as encouragement for the next game. Being in the right headspace and staying positive is important for many athletes so having a social media app that is not cluttered with negative news and non-sports related materials can keep athletes focused and ready to tackle the next challenge.