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How to Connect and Support Your Favorite Athletes

Cindy Christensen

In the pursuit of excellence, many athletes have to make both financial and personal sacrifices to make it to the podium. Natural talent is a huge component of an athlete's success but to reach the next level of excellence, athletes must fine-tune their skills through practice and preparation. This often requires taking time off from work or school, purchasing the latest equipment, and even traveling great distances. Regardless of how talented an athlete might be, these additional barriers may be what determines their success. Team USA has a comprehensive athletic program that covers their athletes’ medical care, mental health, and legal aid and even allows for the commercialization of their names and likeness. This is a stark contrast to the top Canadian athletes that only receive $1765/month from Sports Canada. In most cases, this amount is barely able to cover their rent and food. According to statistics in Canada, “3 out of 5 winter athletes are in debt and have a negative net income. “For many athletes, it’s difficult to have a full-time job due to their extensive training requirements. Unless they can find a sponsorship or endorsement deal, many athletes find it difficult to continue their athletic careers. Those that do continue in sports often take on the financial and mental stress of being underfunded in addition to the pressure of excelling in competition against the world’s top athletes. In the age of social media, athletes have also become influencers that can reach millions of people through Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. These platforms allow athletes to connect with fans by sharing their results, training regimes, nutrition habits, personal interests, and more. However, connecting and growing your fan base on social media is challenging for new athletes as well because these platforms are often saturated with content by more established and recognizable stars. It can also be difficult to connect with fans in a more meaningful way because these platforms attempt to cater to too many users. Additionally, athletic content is one of many interests competing for the social media algorithms which make it difficult for athletes to stand out and gain the attention of users. Podium Team is a different type of social media platform because its sole purpose of connecting athletes with fans. The app is for supportive sports fans which makes the interactions more personal and relatable for both sides. Athletes can share their best moments as well as all the regiments and hard work that led up to it. Athletes can share their journey to the top of the podium through pictures, videos, and long-form text posts. Fans can follow their favorite athletes in a unique and candid way by incorporating their idol's attributes into their athletic training or life in general. This relationship is reciprocal and beneficial for both parties as fans can support their favorite athletes financially and receive exclusive content as a result. Instead of sifting through sponsored posts and advertisements that are of no interest, fans can engage directly with their favorite athletes. Fans can pick and choose who and what they want to follow and stay connected with. Since sports cover a wide range of topics, fans can learn about new sports from the top emerging athletes that have dedicated their lives to playing it. Instead of posts and comment sections filled with negativity, fake news, and bots, Podium Team allows athletes and fans to connect, grow and celebrate together.